Education Officer’s Message


Aum Namahshivaya!

Everyone on this earth walks with a beautiful dream of living a fruitful and happy life. To materialize this dream, we need two ‘V’s; one ‘V’ is Vivekam (knowledge) and the other ‘V’ is Vairagyam (self determination).

Vivekam is the discriminative power between good and bad. Vairagyam helps us to inculcate the positive and to eradicate the negative. In the cosmos, all living things except the human have been programmed by the god with the vivekam just for their basic survival.

But in human beings, vivekam is to be manifested by installing the software in the form of reading and listening.  The present generation is gifted with the latest and the best hardware (intelligent). But the software which is being installed nowadays is the most dreadful quality.

Naturally, all the undesirable actions what we witness in the present society are the outcome of the pirated quality of software being deeply installed; one by the various dreadful agents who misuse technology and misdirect the youngsters and the other one is  wrong role models in every sphere. If the situation continues in the same mode, the quality of human life on this earth will be a question mark.

Satguru Mata Amritanandamayi Amma started educational institutions throughout the country to impart youngsters the ‘education for living’ (knowledge and skill for earning livelihood) and the ‘education for life’ (how to lead a purposeful and happy life), that is to install a precious software with antivirus. This is the vision and mission of our schools.

In our vidyalayam no stone would be left unturned to ignite the children’s multidimensional skills and to manifest their precious values.  The school will also propel the children to have vairagyam and to break the chain of dreadful comfort zone.

Our well trained dharmic principal, teachers and all other staff always exert their best so to give the best, which can be done only by the schools which have been started with the service motto.

We earnestly pray to the Almighty to bestow everyone with vivekam and vairagyam in abundance so to lead a dharmic and purposeful life on this beautiful earth.

Ever in Amma’s Service

Education Officer